Looking at large jam jars

Looking at large jam jars 

Jars of pickled vegetables in the garden. Marinated food.

If you ask someone what size a typical jam jar is, they will immediately describe a 1lb jam jar. This is the size we all grew up with on the breakfast table and the size stipulated by the Women’s Institute for jams and pickles entered in its competitions. It is fair to say, however, that jam jars come in all shapes and sizes, from the very small to the really quite large. In today’s post, we take a look at some of the bigger jam jars we stock, and some of our large pickle jars.

Large jam jars for pickling

Whilst there is certainly nothing to stop you making some massive jars of jam, our bigger jars are more often used for pickles. Many of us make our own pickled onions each year; unless something goes spectacularly wrong, it is pretty much a guarantee that homemade pickled onions will taste a hundred times nicer than shop-bought onions. If you think homemade pickled onions taste great, give pickled eggs a try. Tasting nothing like the rubbery offerings sold in chip shops throughout the country, homemade pickled eggs are great for snacks, party food and picnics.

Once you have mastered pickled onions and eggs, it is time to venture into pickling vegetables. We have covered the technique in previous posts; today, we will offer some suggestions for what pickles particularly well. Cucumbers, carrots, green beans and cherry tomatoes will all work brilliantly and will look delicious in one of our large pickle jars.

Large jam jars for storage

Our large pickle jars and jam jars are not just great for pickling; in addition, they make great containers for decorative storage solutions and craft projects. Herbs grow well in big jam jars; however, you need to add plenty of horticultural grit at the bottom of the jar to prevent the roots standing in wet soil. Pickle jars also make brilliant candle holders – paint a design on the outside of the jar and then place a tealight inside. Position on the hearth for romantic lighting indoors, or take a few jars outside to light up the garden on summer evenings.

If you are keen on crafts, a few one-gallon jars and half-gallon jars will have your craft supplies sorted in no time. Whether embroidery threads and needles or watercolour pencils and inks, these jars can be a neat way to keep everything tidy.

Why not check out our range of large jars? They are great value and delivery is fixed at just £6.95, no matter how many jars you order.

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