Lemons in the home

Lemons in the home 

Bowl with fresh lemons on blue wooden background. Top view

Whilst few of us aspire to a fully self-sufficient lifestyle, more and more people in the UK are switching on to the joys of making their own pickles and preserves, baking their own bread, and preparing simple and nutritious meals by hand, rather than relying on processed food from the supermarket. Once you take the plunge with home cooking and home making, it can become quite addictive, as you realise that it’s not nearly so complicated or time-consuming as you first thought. One area that often gets overlooked, though, when switching from supermarket products to homemade, is that of household chores and cleaning. In today’s post, we take a look at how you can use lemons and other simple items in a variety of cleaning tasks, for a natural, chemical-free alternative to harsh shop-bought cleaning products.

Household tips using lemons

Lemons, or lemon juice, can be used in all sorts of clever ways to clean and disinfect around the home. If your kitchen bin is a little smelly, for example, try rubbing a lemon over the inside surface, or spraying it with lemon juice. If you’ve had a calamity with your microwave, and the sides are coated in food splatters and gunk, try this simple lemon trick to get it squeaky clean in no time. Pour about 150ml of water into a Pyrex jug, then squeeze the juice of a lemon into it, and then add the lemon peels. Place the jug in the microwave and heat for about three minutes. Leave the microwave door closed for another five minutes, to let the lemony steam work its magic on the microwave walls. Take the jug out, and wipe the walls, ceiling and floor of the microwave with a damp cloth. Hey presto, your microwave will be sparkling clean.

More household tips using other simple ingredients

Whilst a simple lemon can work wonders, sometimes it needs to be combined with another item, to really pack a punch, cleaning-wise. It’s easy to make a simple lemon-based cleaning spray, using lemon peels, white vinegar and herbs. Take a large mason jar and collect old lemon peels in it, until it’s about half full. Throw in some fresh herbs, and then top up the jar with white vinegar. Seal the jar, and allow it to stand for at least two weeks, but longer if possible. Over that time, the lemon and herbs will infuse into the vinegar, to give you a zingy, fresh liquid. After the two weeks, strain the liquid into a spray bottle, ready to use. You can use this spray just like any other household cleaning spray.

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