Le Parfait jars and their uses

Le Parfait jars and their uses 

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It goes without saying that we love every sort of jar here at Wares of Knutsford, from traditional jam jars to fancy jars for pickles and chutneys and decorative jars that make great gifts. We have to confess, however, that over the years we have become quite fond of one of France’s best-kept secrets – Le Parfait jars. In today’s blog post, we look at these great little jars and offer some advice on uses for them.

What are Le Parfait jars?

These jars have been firm favourites in French households for decades. In a way, Le Parfait could be said to be the French equivalent of Kilner – an iconic brand known and loved by families of all ages. Nowadays, Le Parfait has branched out overseas and its range of jars is now available here in the UK for discerning home preserves enthusiasts to discover.

The basic jars from Le Parfait are clip top jars, suitable for use in home preserving projects. Like Kilner’s clip top jars, they contain a distinctive orange rubber ring to make a good seal on the jars and keep the contents fresh and airtight, and a strong metal clip to hold the lid in place. The jars range in size from 500ml right up to three litres, so there are plenty of preserving options open to anyone who wants to try these jars.

Preserved fruits and vegetables work brilliantly in these jars, from preserved cherries in the smaller jars to preserved lemons or apricots in the big three-litre jars. If you are looking for savoury ideas rather than sweet ones, pickled red cabbage would work well in the smaller jars, whilst pickled eggs and pickled onions would be ideal stored in the larger jars.

In addition to the clip top jars that we have described, Le Parfait produces a range of charming storage jars with eye-catching orange lids. Use these for storing dried kitchen goods such as pasta, flour, rice and dried fruits, or even as a cookie jar to stand on the kitchen counter. These storage jars are available in one-litre, two-litre and three-litre sizes.

Le Parfait jars from Wares of Knutsford

If we have tempted you to investigate what all the French fuss is about over Le Parfait, head over to our online store to check out the gorgeous range of jars we stock. We are sure that you will soon find yourself falling in love with this brand, just as we have!

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