Kitchen Storage Jars

large glass jars

Kitchen storage jars filled with sweet treats make great gifts but are also an attractive styling element to add to your kitchen. You can give your large glass jars a more individual character by adding funky, individual labels. Get creative outside the usual storage jar labels to give your jars some personality.

Creative labelling on large glass jars

Use glass pens to decorate the jars, either with flowers or other motifs if you’re artistic, or come up with a message: ‘Eat me’, ‘Keep calm and eat biscuits’, ‘Time for a treat’ or something else appropriate for the contents. Choose an attractive font and use a selection of colours for an eye-catching finish. The paints are very easy to use, being quick-drying and removable by giving a good wash in warm, soapy water.

An equally cute but more versatile, erasable option is to use chalkboard labels or paint and fill in a message you could change every day.

Large glass jars outside the kitchen

Large glass jars make versatile and attractive storage for myriad contents. They are useful for displaying collections of small objects such as buttons, marbles, thimbles or pebbles. They also make great storage: sachets or miniature bottles of toiletries can be easily seen and located while being kept neat and clean in a glass jar. Nail polishes in jars make a colourful and useful decorative storage option, while pencils, make up brushes, toothbrushes and other tall, slim items benefit from the effect of repetition for a pretty storage solution.

Jars as display cases

Smaller clear jars make excellent photo and picture displays. Put a photo or other small picture into a jar and press against the sides, so the picture bends to follow the curve of the jar. You can put two or three pictures next to each other to make a 360º display. You’ll probably need to put something in the jars behind the pictures to brace them into place.

Jars also make great plant pots. While less colourful and traditional than painted ceramic, they offer the advantage of being able to watch and follow the growing process below as well as above ground. Roots will be visible and you will be able to clearly see when it’s time to re-pot. This effect is particularly useful for those who take cuttings, as the cut stems can be placed around the sides of the jar and you will be able to see if and when roots are forming and the status of the soil humidity.

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