Large Clip Top Jars

large clip top jars

At Wares of Knutsford we are proud of our selection of jars, which have all sorts of culinary, household and craft uses. Clip top jars start in small, 72ml size, usually used for spices, but for display purposes the larger 1.5 litre, two and three litre sizes are probably the most useful.

We are always pleased to help customers find the correct jars for their storage needs, which are incredibly varied, and in return we love to hear how you have used the jars. Today we have some great uses for our large clip top jars.

Large clip top jars as gifts

This is a cute and original way to use big clip top jars that is ideal not only for birthdays and Christmas but also for Mothering Sunday, or other occasions when you’re struggling to find that one perfect gift. The solution is to collect a number of small gifts and present them beautifully in a jar.

Style and content is what counts here: line the base of the jar with some shredded paper or glass beads, then lay out inside a selection of chocolates and sweets, small bottles of lotions and potions, lip balm, earrings, underwear folded neatly, hair accessories and any other small gifts that you know someone would love.

Once you have everything inside – and there’s no need to overfill it as you want the contents to be clearly visible – wrap a pretty ribbon around the rim and then add a tag or a label with the name of the recipient and maybe a personal message.

Large clip top jars to display collectables

If you have collections you would like to display creatively, you’ll have to do a bit better than lingin them all up on a shelf. Big clip top jars make a great way to display vignettes of small items such as thimbles, feathers, weights, insects, beads and stones, jewellery, hair pins – the list is endless. You can just use the jars as a protective frame for items which can stand alone, or set a little scene by placing sea shells on a bed of sand as a background, for example. Alternatively, you can use large jars to display favourite photos by lining the pictures, face out, around the interior of the jar. It’s like a miniature art installation! (It’s also far easier to dust collectables and keep them clean when they are kept inside a protective jar…)

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