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I’m just passionate about cooking, kitchenware and all things chefy

Hi guys, I’m Jess, 46 years of age, married to Sue and a bit of a preserveaholic. I love life, laughter and sticking things in jars!

I got involved with Wares of Knutsford after Val stumbled across my website and asked me if I’d like to become the “chef in residence,” for her new website. Naturally, I was delighted. I’ve always liked Wares, their product range hits the mark in every area, from jam jars to kitchenware. What I think is more important though is their level of customer service. There is a genuine old fashioned friendliness and attention to detail so sadly lacking from the retail experience today. Of course when she explained her wider plans to me I got even more excited. The prospect of a cooking community, where we can all get involved and share our triumphs and disasters in the kitchen, supported by Val and her team, seemed like a dream come true.

So here we are at the launch of the new website and the very beginnings of our shared experience. If you’re new to Wares you might be asking “well what do they have to offer?” The answer is a range of glass and kitchenware that has been chosen by people who know what we cooks want.


When it comes to glassware it would be hard to find a wider range with the level of quality and value for money. I of course have my favourites. The gourmet food jars, I think, are absolutely beautiful and with the new website allowing you to see what each jar looks like with all the different lid options available, the blue and red gingham have to take the prize. One of Wares gourmet food jars full of strawberry jelly topped with a blue gingham lid is, in my opinion, a work of art!

Although important to Val, glassware is by no means the whole story. Kitchenware has always featured heavily in the Wares line up and I’m told that a considerable expansion in the kitchenware department is well on the cards. Already though, I think the range is pretty impressive. The jam making section alone leaves nothing wanting from Maslin Pans to thermometers, they’ve got the lot and all of the highest quality at sensible prices. The thing I love about the kitchenware section is the feeling that you’re going to be able to find that “something” that has been eluding you elsewhere.

An unconventional use of kitchenware!

You know I’d looked everywhere for a plain old fashioned hand crank mincer. Oh, I could find one all right, but they were all dolled up to the nines with a price tag to match. Letting you into a little secret I only wanted mine for mincing up smelly old mackerel for fishing bait, so when I saw Val’s no nonsense offering at a no nonsense price I snapped one up. Good practical kitchenware at reasonable prices is hard to find. To be honest I think that is in no small part down to the age of celebrity chefs. Retailer’s are quick to see they can charge higher prices if they add a bit of glamour to their products. But who needs a lemon juicer made from Murano glass; I ask you! No, Wares have their kitchenware range pitch just right and if Val reckons she’s going to be expanding it soon then all the better I say.

Well, that’s enough from me for now, I just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of each other as our little community starts to expand. Don’t forget if you have any questions, from jam making to choosing the right kitchenware, then pop onto our forum and leave me a question. I’ll be glad to answer it and if I can’t I’m sure one of our other members will.

Take care and see you soon,

Jess xx

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