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kitchen storage

Minimalism as a lifestyle might be appealing in principle but can be very hard to follow in practice. However living with clutter all around is not exactly relaxing either. Unless your budget allows for a whole new kitchen, you’ll have to find other, creative ways of organising storage for kitchen accessories.

Open shelves for kitchen storage

Unless your kitchen is furnished with wall units all round, you should be able to fit in the odd shelf somewhere. However you have to go carefully when furnishing your shelves – open packets of cornflakes and biscuits don’t scream elegance but even if you don’t have attractive glassware or ornaments to show off, you can still make your shelving look decorative while serving a practical purpose. Decant your dried goods such as pasta, rice, sugar, teabags, coffee or cereals into a neat set of glass or ceramic jars, prettily labelled so you can identify the contents. This not only looks stylish but preserves your food in optimum condition.

Utilise spare space for kitchen storage

Take a look around your kitchen. Apart from the fitted units, there are probably a number of other areas that could be used as kitchen storage for accessories that are less obvious at first. Wall space can be used to attach magnetic or hanging racks to free up worktop space, while ceiling beams can support hanging baskets that are ideal for fruit and vegetable storage. A wall mounted dispenser is not only neat but practical for kitchen roll, aluminium foil and clingfilm. Unused corners can be used to house portable trolleys, such as underneath breakfast bars or behind doors.

Kitchen storage for hiding things in plain sight

Having made the most of any unused areas, you may still find you have some clutter in your kitchen. It may be that you will never manage or even want a completely clear worktops. You can still give your kitchen a sleeker look by coordinating your storage. Bread bins, cake tins, storage jars and other attractive containers can disguise a number of sins. You don’t need a country cottage style kitchen to achieve this look, just a coherent theme in colour, pattern or style to tie it all together. Consider placement too – if you drinks lots of tea and coffee, there’s no point keeping the teabags in a cupboard at the opposite end of the kitchen. A set of attractive tea and coffee caddies stored near the kettle makes a convenient beverage station and free up storage elsewhere.

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