Kitchen Storage Ideas

kitchen storage ideas

When you’re looking for ways to personalise your kitchen, think beyond the usual accessories. Everyone has a bin, a kettle, tea towels, a knife rack and so on, but where you can get really creative for an unusual look is by considering kitchen storage ideas.

Kitchen storage ideas with crates

Whether your kitchen is rustic in style or more modern, you can use old wooden crates to amazing effect to create storage. Old apple or wine crates can be stacked in a drawer effect or, more interestingly, turned on their sides and fixed to the wall through the base to create a funky, open shelving effect. In a rustic kitchen, they work well lined up for a classic look. However, arranged in a geometric pattern on the wall, with a variety of sizes and depths used, crate shelving makes a unique focal point in a clean, sleek and modern kitchen.

If you’re handy with tools, you can consider installing a set of rods turning your crate storage into a plate rack or create individual sections to house mugs, bowls and glasses.

Making kitchen storage ideas decorative

Storage needs to be focused on the practical rather than the frivolous, but that doesn’t mean it has to look unattractive.

Having arranged the crates to your satisfaction on the wall, the key to a stylish look is how you fill them. If you don’t have smart dishes or other items you want to display, you can still make your shelves look decorative rather than showing off your cereal boxes. Investigate attractive storage ideas for the kitchen such as jars, bottles and tins to house your dried goods. A large glass jar of cereal looks decorative in a way that an open bag or box does not. Shallow shelves are ideal for a neat collection of herbs and spices, but make sure they are decanted into matching small jars – again you want the look to be smart and coherent rather than scruffy and slapdash.

You can then turn your attention to more frivolous additions. Home grown herbs are useful in the kitchen when cooking but also look great trailing down wooden crates used as shelves. Don’t hesitate to add personal touches such as photos, trinkets and your collection of cookbooks – you’ll be surprised how well these fit in and work to soften what can be a rather utilitarian area. Just err on the side of caution – you want it to look homely rather than the lair of a hoarder!

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