Decorating Your Kitchen Ideas

kitchen ideas

Few of us are in a position to splash out on a complete new kitchen every time a fresh decorating whim strikes. However, there are smaller scale changes that can have major impact upon the style and character of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Accessorising and decorating your kitchen according to a theme can transform it without investing in expensive new hardware such as units and appliances.

Shelving kitchen ideas

If you have spare wall space, rather than putting up expensive new cupboards, consider open shelving. Not only do they provide storage, they can be a style statement in their own right and can be the simplest way to furnish an awkward corner. Owners of modern, minimal kitchens may want to stick with the theme, using invisible bracket shelves in a single, long line. However you can ring the changes with some retro style in the form of old wine crates or an eclectic selection of wooden boxes for a relaxed, effortless feel. Fill the shelves with your more attractive kitchen ideas such as coloured glassware, vintage tea sets or cast iron cookware. Open shelving also makes a great home for a collection of cook books.

New lighting kitchen ideas

Spending a small amount of time and money on clever kitchen ideas such as mood lighting can pay massive dividends. Careful illumination can transform a stark, cold space into something warm and cosy. If you have a dining table in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with one single or a row of low hanging pendant lights. This creates the illusion of a separate, more intimate space. Task lighting under the wall units helps you to see what you’re doing – because no-one wants to lose a fingertip while chopping carrots. What’s more it has an amazing enlarging effect upon the kitchen.

These are practical kitchen ideas, but consider also the aesthetic effect of decorating your kitchen according to a theme – even a sleek, minimal, all white kitchen can express a bohemian personality with careful accessorising.

Antique objects add sure-fire charm and, carefully collected at car boots sales and flea markets, don’t have to cost a fortune. Just make sure they are in reasonable condition and above all clean!

Plain, painted walls may be the traditional look in a kitchen, but a bold, patterned wallpaper used sparingly can make a strong statement. Alternatively, using the paper all over rather than as a feature on one wall is a more modern look and works particularly well with a retro modern theme.

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