The Ubiquitous Waste Bin

kitchen bin

Worktop kitchen bin

Composting is great fun in addition to topping up your green credentials. However it’s rather smelly and simply not practical to keep a great big composter in the kitchen or even right outside the back door. A more workable everyday solution involves keeping an attractive, miniature kitchen bin on the worktop for compostable waste, which can be emptied into the garden composter daily.

Tabletop kitchen bin

Similarly, small waste bins can be useful at the dining table as a repository for crumbs, bones, shells, skins, pips and stones, bottle tops and corks or other non-consumables. This helps to keep the table clean and neat, particularly at a dinner party or outdoor dining table when the menu includes messy, tricky foods.

Mini waste bins in the bathroom

These make great storage for all those small soaps, travel size bottles, miniature giveaways and sachets that come free with magazines. They are also great for those with a large make up collection which has outgrown a cosmetics bag or enough bottles of nail varnish to rival a beauty salon.

Storage for children

Although you may have spent a fortune on huge dolls’ houses or bicycles for your kids’ birthdays, children tend to have a fascination for small gadgets and gizmos or collectable items. Mini kitchen bins make practical storage for Lego, marbles, card and sticker sets or any manner of childhood paraphernalia.

The ‘man drawer’

Every kitchen needs a drawer to house the collection of nails, screwdrivers, tape measures, tiny tubes of superglue, nuts, bolts and so on that unfathomably spring up around the house. Keep a small kitchen bin near the door and put these items into it as you come across them. When it’s full, make sure it gets taken out to the garage or shed where its contents can be returned to their proper places, then the bin can come back inside ready to start the whole process again.

Gardener’s friend

Few greenhouses can spare the space for a proper bin but seeding, potting on, taking cuttings and other gardening activities produce waste that can easily be accommodated in a miniature bin and emptied at the end of the session.

Small bins can also become invaluable in craft rooms for storing all the implements and equipment that go with hobby crafting, in home offices for the same and in utility rooms to store dusters, clothes pegs and other cleaning paraphernalia. Finally, if your husband finds himself unable to keep the house tidy despite access to a storage bin for every eventuality, you could always use a miniature kitchen bin to hold his ashes when you finally snap!

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