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While the newest kitchen gadgets are all shiny and exciting, when the novelty wears off and the latest tool has been consigned to the back of the cupboards, the more traditional “must have” kitchen accessories still find themselves in daily demand.

An extensive tool kit can be very helpful, but in the flush of the new it’s easy to forget those simple essentials, without which many everyday cooking tasks would be made far more cumbersome and difficult. The items listed here are definitely “must have” kitchen accessories, but ones that may have slipped your mind of late.

Kitchen Accessories for Prepping Veggies

Apart from the obvious potato and carrot duties, made far easier with a dedicated peeler than a knife, you can also use this most unassuming of kitchen accessories for, cucumber ribbons, the thinnest slices of cheese and those neat little chocolate curls that decorate cakes in magazine pictures. Peelers also take off a thinner layer of fruit or vegetable skin than a knife, retaining more of those precious vitamins held close to the skin. As an added bonus, when you find your butter too hard to spread, shave it with a vegetable peeler for instant, easy spreading!

A mandoline not only makes light work of dauphinoise or coleslaw, it also makes sure all your foods are sliced neatly and evenly. Those with a grater attachment are even more useful. There are various electric slicing and dicing machines on the market but, like an old fashioned citrus squeezer, a basic mandoline is far easier to wash and store.

The Forgotten Kitchen Accessories

To get the last drop of juice out of any lemon, lime or orange, a simple citrus squeezer is hard to beat. Whether for preparing fresh juice daily, squeezing a half to add to a salad dressing or collecting pulp for more adventurous dishes, the citrus squeezer is easy to clean and takes up hardly any storage room.

Useful for all sorts of baking endeavours other than pizza, the ceramic “stone” ensures a crispy base to baked goods and gives even cooking without hot spots. Its heat retaining properties make it an ideal serving platter while the pizza slicer can be used to slice all sorts of foods cleanly and easily – tray bakes, pastry, fresh herbs, fudge or Mexican quesadillas, for example.

The humble rubber spatula is incredibly versatile, useful not only for scraping the last drop out of any bowl but also to give a light touch while mixing, folding and stirring.

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