Kitchen Accessories – Traditional and Modern

35_cm_mixing_bowl__09522.1351714728.1280.1280[1]Kitchen Accessories – Traditional and Modern

Anyone who has ever visited a British stately home and marvelled at the gleaming rows of copper pans, jelly moulds and fish kettles in the Victorian kitchen will know that kitchen accessories have a rich and interesting history. Having a kitchen that is well-stocked with useful gadgets and accessories is not a new concept and here we take a look at a few items from our kitchenwares range, highlighting some trusted old favourites and one or two newer items that would have had the Victorian cook a-flutter with excitement.

Traditional kitchen accessories

The humble kitchen apron is perhaps the simplest but most useful kitchen item. Our traditional striped butcher’s apron is an all-time favourite with customers and lends a serious air to any budding chef. We also stock oven gloves to match all our kitchen aprons for an all-round stylish look.

Our range of condiment pots covers both traditional and modern designs, including a glass and chrome cruet set with 1950s styling and everyone’s favourite retro item, the squeezy tomato sauce bottle shaped like a plump red tomato. Technology has not ignored the humble salt and pepper pot, with our electric grinding mill providing the perfect milling of either salt or peppercorns every time.

One of the simplest gadgets that we probably all remember from our parents’ kitchens is the sand timer. These are still available in both wooden and steel versions, of course, but we also have fancier versions, such as wind-up timers, a quirky colour-changing egg timer, and a fun cow-shaped timer for young cooks.

Modern kitchen accessories

With advances in modern cooking, we have developed a much better understanding of cooking processes and food hygiene and we are all now much more aware of the need for food – especially meats – to be cooked thoroughly. For anyone who is serious about their cooking, a digital cooking thermometer is a must-have accessory, taking away all the guesswork when it comes to cooking top-notch dishes.

The Victorian kitchen would have contained many different gadgets for all manner of fancy dishes, and many of these have had something of a contemporary style makeover for the modern kitchen. Our lobster crackers, fish bone removers and oyster knives all have their origins back in the kitchens of the grand old houses of centuries past; however, they now form part of an elegant kitchenwares range that would look fabulous in even the most modern of homes.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, be sure to check out our kitchenwares range, as there is bound to be something to tempt you.

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