Getting Your Kitchen in Order

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Whether you have discovered the ‘KonMari’ method of organising or have simply been inspired by the arrival of the new year, January is a great time to take stock of your life and your home and put things in order. At Wares of Knutsford it’s not our job to help you clear out your wardrobe or organise your CD and DVD collection, but we can help you in the kitchen. If your kitchen cupboards and drawers are overflowing with tools, gadgets and other accessories and you struggle to find the kitchen tools you need every time you start a recipe, it’s probably time to get your kitchen in order.

Organising your kitchen accessories

The first step to putting your kitchen in order must involve assessing your collection of kitchen tools and gadgets. Empty out your drawers and cupboards and assess each item on its own merit. Do you use it or was it bought on a whim and relegated to the back of the cupboard? Is it in good condition or worn and broken? If you have been able to answer these questions honestly for every single item, you should have been able to whittle down your collection to the genuine essentials and can progress on to storage.

What’s left?

Once you have thrown out a load of your old kitchen accessories and gadgets, you are better able to judge if there are any items missing that you really need. Old baking trays which have seen good service but are now warped and damaged, for example, need replacing. Blunt peelers and any other faulty gadgets should also be replaced by new, functioning items as long as you can genuinely say that you use them on a regular basis. If there are some new recipes that you have been dying to try out but are missing some essential kit, then now is a good time to buy items you have decided that you really need.

Storing your kitchen accessories

Arrange your kitchen tools conveniently for how you will use them. For example, wooden spoons and other cooking implements should ideally be stored near the stove, along with pots and pans and baking dishes. Plates and cutlery are best off near the dishwasher or the table or ideally both. You may find you need to rethink your storage arrangements, which may mean investing in some new racks, stands and hooks, storage jars and containers or things like mug trees and paper towel dispensers.

After a clear out and clean up of these proportions, you should find your kitchen is a far more relaxing and practical place to be.

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