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A new year is generally accompanied by a raft of supposedly inspirational phrases such as ‘new year, new broom’, pledges to lose weight and various other steps towards overhauling one’s life. Some are certainly more achievable than others, ‘new broom’ being one of them. If renewing your youthful figure, vigour or even sense of style seem beyond the reaches of your willpower, you may find it easier to start with your home. The kitchen, the so called heart of the home, is probably the most used room in most houses and is an accessible place to start. Updates can range from ripping the whole lot out and starting again to gentle but effective refreshments with a selection of new kitchen accessories.

Updating your accessories is a low commitment way to change the look of your kitchen in a big way – new units, worktop, appliances, flooring and wall tiles for example add up to a huge financial outlay. If your budget can’t quite match that, there are some halfway houses – simply replacing cupboard doors or a worktop can be a good start, then move on to accessories.

Traditional kitchen accessories

Even if you live in the urban jungle, it’s relatively easy to achieve a classic, rustic look in your kitchen. Wares of Knutsford offers a wide range of cast iron cookware along with some more eye catching and individual items to personalise your kitchen – think traditional whistling kettles, tagines, enamelware and the quaint kind of galvanised steel buckets and housework hardware that your grandmother might have used. Mason Cash pudding and mixing bowls, decorative cake stands, bread bins and cake tins all add up to a feminine, homely look and are practical along with attractive. Textiles in gingham or chintz, polka dotted ceramic storage, wicker baskets and enamelware can all add to the effect, which is economical to achieve compared to a whole kitchen renewal.

Themed kitchen accessories

If the traditional, rustic look doesn’t work for you, find another theme that does. If you’re not confident going the whole hog with a comfy, traditional or sleek, modern look, choosing a new colourway accomplishes the same effect. The key is consistency – once you’ve chosen your colour, find a way to make it touch each aspect of your kitchen. As an example, Wares of Knutsford has an extensive range of red kitchenware that includes kitchen storage ideas, cooking utensils, bakeware and textiles. You don’t need to worry about going over the top – the idea is to have small touches all over rather than one big splash.

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