Kilner and Mason Jars, Brands of Quality

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Wares of Knutsford is pleased to offer jars by well known brands such as Kilner, Mason, Le Parfait and Leifheit. These long established names serve as a guarantee of quality, to the point that people often refer to any screw top or clip top jar as a Kilner or Mason jar, even if they are made by other brands.

History of Mason Jars

Mason is a brand name for jars invented by John Landis Mason, a tinsmith from Philadelphia, in 1858. They are often called Ball jars, which was the name of one of the companies manufacturing the product. They are made of transparent glass with an embossed logo and come with a metal screw top shaped to accept a rubber seal. Once used for commercial canning, these days they are more popular for home preserving and are sometimes known as Ball jars. Antique versions are now highly collectable items.

History of Kilner Jars

These are, in effect, an English version of the Mason jars. Made in Yorkshire by John Kilner & Co from 1842, the company went bankrupt in 1937. The jars have since been produced under licence by other manufacturers. Like the Mason jar, Kilner jars come in clear, embossed glass with a rubber sealed screw top or a clip top closure.

Other brands of Mason jars

A similar product is made by the German brand Leifheit, with jars in a diamond shape and a simple twist off lid or sealable disc and screw band lids, or by the French firm Le Parfait with its Familia Wiss range of terrine jars. Like the Kilner and Mason jars, these come with a two part lid – a screw band which holds a metal sealing disc in place. Spare lids can be bought from Wares of Knutsford.

While Mason and Kilner jars were designed for preserving and still popularly used that way, they have become extremely versatile homeware items with clever Wares of Knutsford customers coming up with all sorts of creative ideas for using their jars. These include as lanterns, as Valentine’s Day glitter jars, as snow globes, sewing kits, soap dispensers, cocktail glasses, vases and for all sorts of storage. Crafters use them to keep all their fiddly paraphernalia organised and easy to find, while parents have found them a useful way to store small toy items such as Lego pieces, beads, marbles, dolls’ accessories, hair clips, jewellery so that kids find them easy to find and easy to tidy up again afterwards!

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  1. I’m looking for small clip top kilner jars for keeping dried herbs in. Do you stock them . Please advise
    Regards and thanks Sylvia ritchie

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