Kilner jars for marmalade

Kilner jars for marmalade

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The new year always brings with it a sense of optimism and excitement for the coming year. We start to plan what we might grow in our vegetable gardens and think about all the things we would like to make in the kitchen. With Seville oranges in season at this time of year, making marmalade is the perfect way to kick-start all those good intentions for your home preserving activities, so today we take a look at what is involved and what equipment you need to make some amazing marmalade.

Why Kilner jars are the perfect choice

With Seville oranges only available for a limited time each year, it is important to get cracking if you want to make some marmalade. It is essential to get it right first time, as these oranges will not be in the grocery stores for long. This is why a Kilner jar is ideal for this task – the airtight seals and trusted quality of these jars will keep your marmalade safe and away from harmful bacteria that could cause it to go bad.

Aside from a good supply of jars, the equipment you need is the same as for making jam. You will need a good-quality maslin pan, a jam thermometer, and a wooden or silicone spoon for stirring. As marmalade contains shreds of peel, you won’t need a muslin cloth or strainer for this preserving project.

Show off your produce in Kilner jars

When you have put in the time and effort to make your own delicious marmalade, it makes sense to show if off to its best advantage. By choosing a Kilner jar for the job, you will have homemade marmalade that you can be proud to display on the breakfast table. The iconic Kilner jar just oozes quality and will help show off the quality of your marmalade and other preserves; in contrast, if you reuse an old jam jar from the supermarket and just stick a plain white printer label on the jar, it will suggest that you have not made the preserve with love.

Why not check out our range of Kilner jars to see which fit your project best? Choose from screw cap jars or clip top jars, and be sure to select enough jars for the quantity of marmalade you intend to make.

If you plan to make your own marmalade this year, why not share photos of your efforts with us on Facebook or Twitter? Feel free to share your recipes and triumphs – or failures! – with us, and feel free to ask for tips or advice.

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