Kilner jars explained

Kilner jars explained 

A close up selection of pickled and fermented vegetables in Kilner jars

If you asked someone to describe a traditional Kilner jar is, they would probably depict a swing top jar, with the lid fixed to the jar with a metal clip and a bright orange rubber ring forming a perfect seal to keep the contents of the jar impeccably preserved. Whilst Kilner does indeed make this type of jar, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the original Kilner jar was quite different.

The history of Kilner jars

The Kilner company dates back to 1842, when it was founded by John Kilner in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. By 1866, with the ownership of the business passed down through the family, Kilner had built a second glass factory in Conisbrough, employing around 500 workers at this site. Towards the end of the 19th century, the firm patented a design for a glass jar with an innovative lid that formed a pressure seal to keep the jar’s contents free from contamination and properly preserved. The Kilner jar was born and the firm produces the same iconic design to this day.

Whilst the jars remain true to their original design heritage and the seal functions as it always did, there have been a few changes along the way. Today, the Kilner brand is no longer owned by the Kilner family; instead, it was purchased by the Rayware Group back in 2000. This change of ownership has not compromised the integrity of the brand in any way, with the new owners working hard to raise awareness of the brand among younger consumers with new and inspired product ranges.

It is worth pointing out that whilst Kilner can claim the be the grandfather of the pressure seal jar, there are now several other manufacturers making very similar jars, working on the same pressure seal principle. Leifheit and Familia Wiss make pressure seal jars and clip top jars; in addition, there are generic, unbranded alternatives for the budget-conscious shopper.

Kilner jars in all shapes and sizes

We stock a huge variety of screw top and clip top jars and bottles from Kilner. From the iconic 500ml jar, which is perfect for jams and preserves, to the larger jars that are brilliant for pickled eggs or preserved lemons, there is a Kilner jar to suit every preserving project.

We also stock a huge number of Kilner clip top jars, from tiny 125ml jars that are great for jellies and relishes through to the huge two-litre clip top jar that can handle even the biggest home preserving tasks.

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