Kilner Jars and Storage Jars

Kilner jars

Kilner is one of the best known names in the preserving world. Kilner storage jars are used to house all sorts of gear in and out of the kitchen, from preserves and dried goods to toys, crafting tools and cosmetic accessories.

The history of Kilner jars

The Kilner jars are named after their creator, John Kilner. He began making glass jars and bottles in the 1840s at a factory in Dewsbury and the famous Kilner jar was invented a few decades later. John Kilner was succeeded by his sons and grandsons. The design became incredibly popular thanks to its efficiency in preserving. In 1937 the business was sold out of family hands when the patent for the design was bought by the United Glass Bottle Company. In 2000, Rayware bought the Kilner brand and continues to develop it with new designs, while maintaining the original Kilner jar design. These days the Kilner name is well known internationally.

Kilner jars at Wares of Knutsford

At Wares of Knutsford we are pleased to stock a number of interesting items from the Kilner brand. Along with the traditional preserving jars, we also stock storage jars, coloured bottles and jars, home brewing kits, drinkswares and various kitchen accessories. Kilner kitchen equipment is not only extremely efficient but also wonderfully stylish, helping to create a traditional atmosphere in rustic or classic style kitchens. You can also buy spare metal discs for Kilner preserving jars and flower lids for drinking jars.

Clear glass preserving jars start at 250ml, going up to 500ml and 1 litre. Coloured clip top jars come in pink, blue and green and in 500ml and 1 litre sizes. Swing top bottles are available in the same colours in 250ml and 1 litre sizes, while you can also buy clear, pink, blue and green glass handled drinking jars . These add a modern touch to a traditional design.

Kilner storage jars in clear glass with knobstopper lids are available in 650ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre, 2 litre and 2.35 litre sizes or as a five jar set.

In the home brewing department you will find complete Kilner sets for making lager, bitter and cider. The kits include all the ingredients and equipment you need to make your own delicious brews, simply add water. You can also buy ‘Make Your Own’ kits, with all the ingredients for red and white wines, cider, lager and bitter. You can buy all the equipment you need separately or in a complete starter kit.

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