Kilner Homebrew Starter Kit

Homebrew Starter Kit

If you’re planning to indulge in a little home brewing this year, Kilner’s home brew starter kit has all the equipment necessary for a successful brew for amateur or experienced home brewers. Home brewing has taken off as an incredibly popular hobby in the UK, as an enjoyable and affordable way to enjoy premium quality drinks. Wares of Knutsford has responded to demand by building up this category to include everything you need, from equipment to ingredients.

Kilner Homebrew Starter Kit

The home brew starter pack contains the essential kit needed for home brewing lager, bitter, cider or even wine – you just need to add the ingredients. The pack includes 100g of steriliser, a trial jar and hydrometer for measuring the gravity or alcohol content of your home brew, a 35cm bottle brush, a 45cm mixing spoon, a siphon with a tap and sediment trap, 50 crown caps with knock on bottle capper and a 25 litre fermentation bucket.

The kit contains the necessary equipment for cleaning and sterilising and for the fermentation process, plus some bottling equipment. You can choose from a wide range of bottles for your home brew at Wares of Knutsford, including traditional beer and wine bottles and some more modern and decorative options, such as swing stopper bottles and even a demijohn in green glass.

Wares of Knutsford also stocks all the spares and extra bits you need, from bottles and bottle tops to new bottle brushes, hydrometers, air lock and bungs and trial jars. Experienced home brewers can easily update their kit when necessary from Wares of Knutsford’s home brewing department.

Ingredients for the homebrew starter kit

With your equipment all ready, you just need the ingredients, which can be bought in handy ‘Make Your Own’ packs from Wares of Knutsford. Kilner sells kits for making your own lager, cider and bitter plus Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. These kits contain all the ingredients you need, simply add water, and you could be drinking your own unique, home brew from just 67 pence per pint. All the ingredients supplied are of the highest, commercial quality.

You can also buy the equipment and ingredients kits for lager, bitter and cider all in one, which is an ideal way for beginners to get started with home brewing.

All the kits include detailed, step by step instructions and the Kilner website is full of helpful information for home brewers.

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