Kilner bottles

Kilner bottles kilner bottles

If you asked just about anyone what Kilner was famous for, they would say jam jars. They would be right with this answer, of course, with the iconic clip top and screw top preserving jars made by Kilner well known throughout the world. The company offers far more than these jars, however, and in today’s post we will be looking at Kilner’s range of glass bottles and at some foodie and craft ideas for how to use them.

Kilner bottles with clip tops 

Kilner’s range of clip top bottles are just the thing for old-fashioned homemade cordials and soft drinks. Their vintage shapes and nostalgic swing tops are just made for homemade lemonade or elderflower cordial. With elderflower season just around the corner, now is the time to stock up on these bottles if you fancy making some cordials this year, just like your grandmother used to make.

These clip top glass bottles come in a range of sizes, from 250ml right up to one litre. The smaller bottles are perfect for serving refreshing individual drinks on a picnic, or a day at the beach, whilst the one-litre bottles are great for bottling cordials and infusions. Whilst elderflower cordial might be the one everyone thinks of when it comes to making homemade drinks, there are plenty of other flavours to choose from; for example, why not try raspberry, rhubarb, rosehip or blackcurrant?

Kilner bottles with lids and corks

In addition to the familiar clip top bottles, Kilner produces a variety of other styles of bottle, each with its own unique identity but still true to the Kilner look and feel. From vintage-inspired milk bottles in one-pint and ‘infant school’ sizes to bottles perfect for salad dressings and oils, there is a bottle for every project.

The mini milk bottles are great for serving cream-based liqueurs at a party; in addition, they make great craft accessories. Try filling them with coloured sand or seashells for an instant ornament that will look cute and fresh on a bathroom shelf, for example.

If you are keen on home preserving but have already made enough jam and chutney to feed an army, why not have a go at making your own infused oils and salad dressings? You can create the same great taste and visual impact as those expensive shop-bought oils and dressings for a fraction of the cost and with all the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself using only the freshest ingredients. Try adding herbs from your garden to some good-quality olive oil; alternatively, for something a little more powerful, add chilli flakes.

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