Kilner bottles for picnics

Kilner bottles for picnics 

The sun is finally shining and the nights have drawn out, which can only mean one thing – picnic time is here! Picnics are a peculiarly British phenomenon and summer just is not summer without a picnic in the countryside or on a sandy beach, with the sun shining down and delicious food and drink to enjoy in the great outdoors. We will, no doubt, have plenty of picnic recipes for you over the summer months, but in today’s blog post we are concentrating on some super-refreshing drinks to take with you on your picnics this year.

Drinks in Kilner bottles 

Picnic basket with fruits, flowers and water in the glass bottle

Kilner’s swing top bottles are perfect for recreating a vintage theme for your picnic and for serving delicious homemade drinks. Everyone loves homemade cloudy lemonade, of course, and you can spice it up a little by substituting some of the water in the recipe for pineapple juice.

There are so many other tempting drinks you can easily make to take on a picnic. Elderflowers are in bloom right now, so why not make some traditional elderflower cordial or a sparkling elderflower drink using fizzy mineral water or even champagne?

Another great recipe for swing top bottles is homemade dandelion and mandarin drink. Chop up some fresh dandelion leaves and remove the zest from two mandarin oranges. Squeeze the juice of the mandarins and the juice from two limes into a bowl and add the chopped dandelion leaves and a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything together well, then add one litre of sparkling mineral water. Decant into swing top bottles and serve the same day.

Our range of Kilner bottles

We stock quite an extensive range of swing top bottles, including a number of Kilner branded bottles. The coloured 250ml Kilner bottles are particularly popular, as they just ooze vintage charm and summer fun. They are available in pastel shades of blue, green and pink in addition to clear glass. Why not get a mixed set of colours to hand out at your next picnic or summer garden party?

Another cool bottle from the Kilner range is the 200ml handled bottle. Its vintage styling makes us think of period dramas, with the hero and heroine running through the meadows before tumbling to the ground for a refreshing drink. Perhaps we have a vivid imagination, but we are sure that you will enjoy these bottles just as much!

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