Kilner bottles explained

Kilner bottles explained kilner bottles 2

When it comes to swing top bottles, Kilner is the undisputed king of manufacturers and the name that everyone associates with this type of bottle. Many of us have fond memories of childhood trips to the seaside and picnics, where we enjoyed bottles of our grandmother’s homemade lemonade or elderflower cordial, drunk through a straw from these iconic bottles. Whilst it is fair to say that Kilner’s swing top bottles have probably been around for longer than any other manufacturer, there is quite a range of other swing top bottles available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In this post, we look at both the Kilner range and the other swing top bottles on offer at Wares of Knutsford.

Our range of Kilner bottles

First up in Kilner’s range of swing top bottles is the classic 250ml square clip top bottle. The swing top locking mechanism ensures an airtight seal to keep the bottle’s contents safe and perfectly preserved. The plastic cap and rubber seal are easily washable, meaning that these jars can be used over and over again. These bottles are available in the standard clear glass and super cute pastel shades of blue, pink and green. The pastel shades are perfect for summer garden parties; in addition, we stock drinks dispensers in the same colours.

We also offer a dinky 70ml clip top jar that is ideal for storing homemade chilli sauce or barbecue relish, for example.

Alternatives to Kilner bottles 

Currants, swing top bottles and steam juicer for homemade currants syrup

If you like the style of these clip top bottles but you are not wedded to the Kilner brand, we have a huge range of alternatives to tempt you. Sizes for the regularly-shaped bottles range from a standard 250ml bottle right up to a whopping one-litre bottle. There is also quite a variety of bottle shapes in this range, from simple and traditional to more unusual designs such as the faceted Costolata bottles or the elegant shape of the Capri or Sorrento bottles. Whatever bottling project you have in mind, we are sure we have the perfect bottle for your project.

Other popular choices in our clip top bottle range are two traditional style bottles from Kitchen Craft, which both feature a vintage-inspired design on the front. The 500ml bottle displays a ‘Freshly Squeezed’ graphic, whilst the one-litre bottle features a ‘Fresh from the Farm’ design.

Whether you are planning on making your own elderflower cordial this season or fancy having a go at your grandmother’s recipe for good old-fashioned lemonade, these bottles are the perfect choice to provide the ultimate finishing touch to a classic creation.

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