Kids Stocking Filler Ideas

kids stocking filler

The days when an apple and a satsuma provoked excitement in a child’s Christmas stocking are long gone! While modern children’s main presents are likely to be something electronic and expensive, most are also pleased by a stocking filled with small but entertaining little gifts, however this can take some imagination. Wares of Knutsford has plenty of useful ideas for a kids stocking filler, number one being that you can’t go wrong with sweets!

Sweet treat kids stocking filler ideas

Have you ever met a child who doesn’t like sweets? The parents may be less impressed, muttering darkly about visits to the dentist, but sweeties are a great catch all gift for kids from toddlers even up to the notoriously difficult teenage years. You could just buy a chocolate selection pack or you could make it a bit more personal and creative. Wares of Knutsford sells a cute teddy bear jar to fill with smaller sweets. In 280ml size, it’s ideal for sherbet pips, floral gums, rhubarb and custard, cola cubes and all sorts of other penny sweets. The clear glass teddy bear shaped glass jar is topped by a yellow hat over a screw cap lid, which comes in a choice of five different colours. The teddy bear jars can be bought singly or in packs of six, 12 or 18, so you can bulk buy and sort out all the kids in the family in one fell swoop.

If sweets really are inappropriate, the jars still look great with nuts or other small savoury treats.

Non-sweetie kids stocking filler ideas

If you’re looking for other ideas for children’s stocking fillers, consider some of Wares of Knutsford’s child appropriate cooking and baking equipment. Younger and older children look to experiment with cooking and will enjoy having their own tools to do so. Stocking fillers need not be big nor expensive, so sets of funky shaped cutters for biscuits, pastry, gingerbread or icing are ideal. Wares of Knutsford has cutters in animal shapes, letters and numbers, hearts and stars, and many sizes of round cutters both fluted and plain edged. With an icing tool set children can decorate the fruits of their labours to finish them off however they wish. You can even wrap the ingredients too and give a recipe plus, more importantly, the promise that you can make it together…

Wares also stocks jam making kits for beginners, which is another way to introduce children to cooking.

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