Keep hydrated with colourful plastic drinks bottles

Keep hydrated with colourful plastic drinks bottlesDrinks bottle

School’s out for summer and the mercury in thermometers is rising, with the hottest day of the year sending the nation into meltdown. Whilst we all love the long, hot days of summer, it is important to make sure that we stay hydrated at all times. With our colourful drinks bottles, quenching your summer thirst becomes a breeze both at home and on the go.

Take a plastic drinks bottle wherever you are

Whether it is the morning commute on a packed tube train, a leisurely stroll through the countryside or a picnic down by the river, taking a bottle of something cool and refreshing will ensure you don’t overheat. Water is probably best for staying hydrated on the way to work or whilst out exercising; however, fruit juices and cordials are also a great choice.

Introducing the stackable plastic drinks bottle

Our cleverly-designed stackable drinks bottle is ideal for stocking up the fridge with chilled drinks. It holds just over one litre and has gently curved sides, meaning it can stack one on top of another inside the fridge. This is a great idea for anyone with children, as it means you can store a batch of chilled juices or fruit squashes ready for when the little ones need a drink. Since the bottles stack so neatly, they don’t take up too much room in the fridge.

The clever design does not stop with the curved sides on this plastic drinks bottle. The threadless cap just snaps on and off when you want a drink, making it a safe and reliable choice when you are out and about. The bottle is reusable, of course, meaning it is a more environmentally-friendly choice than buying bottled water or juices. It goes without saying that making your own juices and drinks is much cheaper than buying bottled drinks, so you can also save money.

If you are looking for some thirst-quenching inspiration for summertime beverages to fill these drinks bottles, why not have a go at making some fresh fruit smoothies? With so many berries in season, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, smoothies are a perfect choice. Make some up in the evening and store in the fridge overnight for the perfect high-energy breakfast drink. Other thirst-quenchers might include elderflower cordial with plenty of ice cubes or homemade old-fashioned lemonade.

No matter what drink you choose, just grab a drinks bottle, fill it up and head outdoors to enjoy the summer sunshine.

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