Jute Bags for Jars

jute bags

As part of our new packaging range, Wares of Knutsford is pleased to introduce jute bags, designed to show off jars of jams, chutneys, pickles or any other produce – even cosmetics or aromatherapy products. There are various models in the range, all including a soft cotton integrated handle for easy and comfortable transport and clear plastic windows to display the contents.

The bags are made of natural hessian, an environmentally friendly and biodegradable material which is produced in India. The reusable bags turn simple gifts of home made produce into a smart, inexpensive gift that looks gorgeous, and are equally suitable for small businesses to display their wares.

Jars can be presented simply in the bags or you can decorate by filling out with some coloured shredded paper.

All the bags can be bought singly or in packs of six, which offers a slight saving on the single bag price. As usual at Wares of Knutsford, customers benefit from a flat postage rate, so you can order as many bags as you like, plus jars or other items to fill them, without worrying about accumulating a huge packing and postage fee at the end.

Two window jute bags

The two window jute jar bags come in small and medium sizes. The small bag is 130mm tall, 180mm wide and 80mm deep and is designed to hold two small jars so that the contents are visible through the plastic display windows.

The medium sized bag is 190mm tall, 205mm wide and 90mm deep, to contain two jars of a maximum of 120mm high by 80mm wide.

Three window jute bags

The three window range is more extensive, with options in extra small, small, medium and tall sizes. The extra small size is 110mm tall, 225mm wide and 60mm deep. Small is 130mm x 260mm x 100mm, medium is 150mm tall by 320mm wide and 120mm deep and the tall bag is 190mm tall by 310mm wide and 120mm deep, and is ideal for small bottles as well as tall jars.

If the bags aren’t quite what you are looking for, our new packaging category also contains some smart cardboard gift boxes, again in two and three jar shapes and in a range of sizes. Colours are natural or green. The boxes are delivered flat and are easy to assemble, with an intergrated carrying handle for safety. The boxes also sold singly or in packs of six.

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