Jazzing up your jam jars

Favour 3Jazzing up your jam jars

It is a fact that many people love receiving homemade gifts, such as jam and preserves. In an ever-more commercial world, a thoughtful homemade gift can make a refreshing change and is usually much appreciated; however, jam makers can be shy about giving their homemade produce as gifts, thinking that a simple jar or two of jam does not look special enough. If this applies to you, our range of jam jar packaging might just be the answer, enabling you to present your jams and preserves in a smart and stylish way.

Jam jar packaging – boxes

We have a wide selection of packaging for jam jars available in both cardboard and jute. The cardboard gift boxes come in several sizes and can hold two or three jars, depending on the style of box you choose. These simple cardboard boxes offer an eco-friendly choice and set your jams off to their very best advantage. The plain boxes can be decorated with a sticker to say where they came from. The jute bags offer the same kind of carrying capacities, with padded cotton handles and clear plastic display windows to show off your jam jar labels.

If you are buying jam jars to use as wedding favours, we also offer several styles of mini boxes that fit our smallest jars perfectly.

At Christmas, many people like to give mini hampers as gifts. Department stores and supermarkets are usually filled with these, mostly at rather inflated prices. With our range of card trays, it is easy to create your own hampers filled with a variety of homemade items. Take the large fluted card tray, for example, and fill it with a mix of your own jam, marmalade, chutney, infused vinegar and perhaps a bottle of elderflower cordial or plum wine. With pretty jam jar labels and a presentation box, the gift is sure to look every bit as professional as a shop-bought hamper.

Jam jar packaging – accessories

In addition to a full range of presentation boxes and bags, we stock lots of packaging accessories to perfectly finish off the gift. Pack your jars safely and stylishly using fine cut shred material as a base and perhaps set the whole thing off by trimming it with a band of jute ribbon, which is available in green or natural.

Whether you simply want to present your produce prettily, to give as gifts or are looking to sell at farmers’ markets and other outlets, our range of packaging for jam jars will really help to create a professional look.

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