Using jars for wedding favours and displays

Using jars for wedding favours and displays 

Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

In past articles, we have talked about how to use our range of jars and bottles for wedding favours or small vases for wedding reception tables. We have featured some incredibly creative ideas that are guaranteed to look fabulous, so we thought we would revisit this theme today. This time, however, we take a look at how ‘going big’ with your displays and decorations can really add the wow factor and make your wedding look like something from a glossy magazine.

Grouping lots of wedding jars together

Kicking off the ‘big is best’ idea, let’s consider how much of an impact you could make by grouping lots of wedding jars together. There is obviously a limited amount of space available on each wedding table; however, by building up a group of jars of different sizes in the centre of the table, you can really create an impact. In the tallest jars, try adding tall stems of beautiful flowers, feathers or even branches decorated with tiny baubles or glitter. As the jars get smaller, reduce the size of the items you place in them to keep everything in proportion.

Delicious wedding sweets (multicolor table set)

Another way to pack a powerful design punch is to decorate the edge of the room with rows of jars, each holding a tea light. With the lights dimmed, this will look oh-so romantic. If your wedding reception is in a marquee or barn, try lining the edge of the pathways with jars filled with tealights to illuminate the outdoor space and create a magical atmosphere.

Using bigger wedding jars

Some of our larger jars work brilliantly in a wedding setting. If you want to offer sweets as wedding favours but the standard candy cart offering is not what you have in mind, why not fill a row of our one-gallon pickle jars with vintage or homemade, sweets? You could also offer colourful macaroons, chocolate cookies and homemade biscuits in these jars to make your wedding favours really stand out.

Another great idea for larger jars is to wind a string of twinkling LED lights into each jar and dot these around the room for a fairy tale look that will have all the old romantics in the room whisking their partners onto the dancefloor.

From using larger sized jars to hold sweet treats and wedding favours to grouping smaller jars en masse, you can achieve a unique and stylish effect for your big day by thinking big when it comes to using jars as part of your wedding styling.

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