Jars for Sweets

jars for sweets

The sweet jars section at Wares of Knutsford is popular with adults and kids alike! Storing your chocolates and candies in jars not only looks attractive but the air tight environment will help to keep the food in its best condition. At Wares of Knutsford you can find stacking glass jars with coloured lids, square jars with cork lids or screw tops, plastic jars and the traditional spherical jars, which can be placed on their bottoms or tilted sideways for easy access.

These jars for sweets are also great for storing any dried goods and can also be used in a number of creative ways.

Laundry products in jars for sweets

There’s no way to really make doing the laundry attractive – wash, dry, fold, repeat… However you will no doubt feel better about doing this particular chore if you can make the surrounding environment attractive. If you are lucky enough to have a utility room or if you just use a cupboard in your kitchen,tart up your laundry products selection to give them a bit of style and grace. Just like foods, tablets and sachets of detergent can look great stored in sweet jars. The Bronte or Pot Club storage jars with glass ball topped lids are ideal for this project and achieve the almost impossible – making doing laundry look glamorous! Fabric conditioner can be decanted into an attractive bottle and, if you want to go really mad, you can do the same for all your cleaning products – just remember to label all the containers clearly!

Glowing jars for sweets

This is a really simple craft that creates marvellous impact and requires very little equipment. Simply get hold of some glow in the dark paint and, using a small paintbrush, make some polka dots over the inside of some sweet jars. When night falls, it will look as if you have collected a jar full of glow worms!

Party in a jar

This simple little birthday gift could make someone feel really special. Simply gather together the contents of a party and present them in a sweet jar. Think about including some balloons, a party hat, a couple of birthday candles, a party popper and a miniature cupcake or some sweeties. Stick a birthday badge to the lid of the jar and wrap some miniature bunting around the neck for a really cute and original gift. Le Parfait orange top jars are perfect for this project.

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