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The internet is a vast resource, for information, education and above all, shopping. Even the more traditional pursuits of cooking, gardening, crafting and housekeeping benefit from this most modern of department stores. Domestic goddesses (and gods!) should take a look at Wares of Knutsford, a vast goodie bag of household items.

Jars for jam

Wares started out as a specialist in jars, bottles and preserving equipment of all kinds and this is still its core strength. First of all there’s the vast selection of jars and bottles – basic, straight up and down jars for jam making on a large scale, faceted and decorative jars for giving as gifts and larger jars for kitchen storage. There are also product specific ranges for spices, honey or smaller jars for home made cosmetics. Then there are the bottles, for drinks, sauces, oils or even perfumes. All this variety is backed up by the relevant accessories, the lids and stoppers, labels, preserving pans, funnels and thermometers. Preserving rarely happens on a small scale, so the bargain bulk packs work out especially economical.

Wares other particular advantage compared to the competition lies in the cheap delivery costs and comprehensive customer service. At a flat fee of £5.95 per order for domestic deliveries, the price is not only economical but allows customers to keep shopping even for a large order without worrying that delivery charges are growing prohibitive. International deliveries are also available.

Not just jars for jam

A natural extension to Wares of Knutsford’s key product roster of jars for jam comes in the form of a wider range of kitchen and household goods. The products are based in the traditional and complemented by modern accessories where appropriate, so the likes of enamelware, cast iron pots, grate polish and wooden pegs can be bought alongside professional style gadgets such as bean slicers, mint choppers and sushi makers.

It’s a carefully curated collection that pays tribute to the well proven, traditional methods and recipes of your grandmother’s kitchen while appreciating the advances and advantages modern technology has contributed to the home.

That set delivery fee comes in handy again here, as whether you’re buying three jam jars, a 192 strong bulk jar package or a set of heavy, cast iron pots and pans, you’ll pay the same £5.95 for domestic delivery rather than being penalised for the weight of the cast iron.

Budding domestic goddesses or time served home executives alike can hardly afford to miss the Wares of Knutsford selection.

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