Where to Buy Jars for Honey

Jars for honey

Bee keeping is another of those delightfully traditional hobbies that’s seeing a new surge in popularity. Whether it’s to be able to produce just enough honey to spread on your toast in the morning or to start a commercial enterprise, Wares of Knutsford can supply you with the honey jars you need to store your sweet, golden nectar.

Storing your jars of honey

Jars for honey are slightly different from jam jars as they are more squat in shape with wider mouths and good quality, secure lids to protect the contents, designed according to beekeepers’ requirements. Glass is the best medium for honey storage as metal or non-food grade plastics can cause oxidisation of the product. The jar must be airtight and stored in a dry and ideally dark place to keep the honey in best condition. Keep honey at room temperature as a too hot or cold environment can affect the taste and texture.

Make sure you sterilise your honey jars before filling them both to preserve the quality of the honey and to avoid the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Bulk buying jars for honey

Among Wares of Knutsford’s bargain jar packs you’ll find a fantastic value for money set of 192 honey jars with lids. The jars are 353ml or 1lb size and come with screw lids in a choice of gold coloured aluminium lined with PVC or traditional looking black bakelite lined with wadded PVDC. The bargain packs are the easiest and cheapest way to make sure you can store all the honey your bees can produce.

If you are producing on a smaller scale, there are smaller packs that are still excellent value. Depending upon how many hives you run, you can choose from 12, 24 or 36 packs, while you can also go for bargain 192 jar packs in different designs. There are designs with various different colours of lids, jars with raised honeycomb patterns or you could go for hexagonal shaped rather than the standard round jars, which also come in bargain packs.

Decorative jars for honey

If you are planning to give your honey to people as gifts, Wares of Knutsford stocks some pretty, decorative honey jars. Particularly sweet is the traditional lidded honey pot in white ceramic with a floral pattern and a wooden honey dipper. If that look is a little too rustic, the beehive shaped clear glass honey pot with a clip top is a nice way of emphasising the natural origins of the product.

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