Jar Table Decorations

jar table decorations

At Wares of Knutsford we always love to hear about how customers are using our products, particularly the more creative and unusual ideas! We found that many customers were buying smaller bottles and jars for table decorations and to create their own wedding favours, in the interests of both originality and economy.

We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas from the ones we’ve heard to help you with inspiration to design your own wedding.

Decorating jar table decorations

The key to using jar table decorations is to add a touch of pretty. Wrapping a strip of lace around each jar is elegant and stylish, or you could wrap brown twine around each jar in a band then tie a thin ribbon on top for a modern rustic look. Collect favourite fabrics or wallpapers to use in the same way. Beaded wire also looks pretty and ethereal in candle light. You could also use glass paint in solid shades to match your colour scheme or to create motifs – using the bride and groom’s initials is a neat way to personalise and to tie in the colour scheme.

The same effect can be created by hanging a printed tag around the neck of each jar or bottle.

Another smart effect can be created by painting the bottom half of each jar with glue then dipping them into glitter of the appropriate colour. Another modern way to decorate would be to paint each jar in chalkboard paint and give each guest a stick of chalk to write their own messages for the happy couple on the bottles.

You can also make the decorations symbolic of some part of your lives by wrapping pages of text from favourite books around the jars and, if you like, cutting a motif such as a heart, star or flower shape out of each page.

Jar table decorations with a theme

To create a theme, there needs to be some coherence and consistency. There are ways to do this without looking repetitive. For example, use jars of all the same size and decorate them in the same way, then fill some of the jars with flowers, some with candles, some with sweets and some with straws or cutlery for the meal. Other jars can contain a variety of decorations on sticks – pompoms, numbers matching the date of the wedding or letters featuring the couple’s initials. The uniformity of decorating creates the theme but the variety of fillings creates interest.

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