Jar Lifting Tongs

jar lifting tongs

You may never have heard of the idea before, but these clever jar lifting tongs are designed to assist with lifting jam jars out of hot water when sterilising them and preparing jams, pickles and other canning projects. Jar lifting tongs make lifting jam jars a safer, simpler process for the amateur or fledgling professional preserver and are among a list of kitchen gadgets that rarely feature on any essentials list but once owned, jar lifting tongs as with these other little gems, are never forgotten.

Jar lifting tongs and other obscure kitchen paraphernalia

Meat tenderisers

Once popular, kitchen mallets have fallen dramatically out of fashion in food preparation. They usually come two sided, with the pointy, textured side used to make cheaper and tougher cuts of meat more edible and a smooth, flat side to pound meat to a flatter, more uniform shape. This tool is also useful for cracking nuts, smashing garlic and breaking chocolate and sweets into small pieces for baking.

Pizza wheels

Considered a rather trivial tool for a job that can be just as easily be done with a knife. However, the pizza slicer is actually very useful for a number of other kitchen jobs – its rolling blade offers a cleaner cut than a knife for many foods, which can be squashed by the pressure of a traditional, static blade. Pies and small cakes in particular benefit from being cut with the wheel.

Fat separator

It’s neither versatile nor glamorous, but so useful both for the attractive presentation of dishes and your waistline! There are few circumstances where a pool of glistening fat is welcomed, so make your gravies succulent rather than greasy with this simple little gadget.

Bowl scrapers

One of those handy little gadgets that people often forego, thinking that a spatula will work just as well. It won’t. Nothing scrapes every last bit of cake mix out of the bowl or homemade pate out of the food processor as quickly and efficiently as a flexible bowl scraper – although the consequent lack of cake mixture available to eat will make you unpopular with the kids…

Fridge savers

Every single cook has found themselves at some point with half an onion, banana, or similar that they just shove in the fridge. A few days later the scenario repeats itself as the previous half used item looks rather sad and dried up and gets thrown away rather than used. However, stored in a dedicated fridge saver with an airtight lid, you’ll find the leftovers are well preserved enough to actually use, avoiding yet another addition to the well documented pile of food waste from modern kitchens.

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