Jam jars in bulk

Jam jars in bulk 

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If you are a keen home preserves enthusiast, you will no doubt be familiar with the age-old issue of finding enough jars for your next preserving project. Whether your strawberries have all ripened on the same day and need to be picked immediately, your neighbour gives you a sack of apples out of the blue or you see a bargain bulk buy that you can’t resist, sooner or later you will find yourself in the predicament of not having enough suitable jars to complete a project.

Add to this the fact that you will need a constant supply of new jars if you like to give your jams, pickles and preserves as gifts to friends and family, as your jars will be given away and potentially never seen again. This is not to say that giving home preserves as a gift is not a fantastic idea, as it certainly is, but it does mean that you need to think ahead about how to source enough jars to satisfy all your preserving needs.

Bargain packs of jam jars

This is where we can help! We have carefully selected a range of our jars to offer in bulk packs at exceptional prices. Most of our bargain packs include a whopping 192 jars – enough to keep you busy for quite a while! If 192 glass jars sounds a lot, remember that a single preserving project, such as the annual strawberry jam making session, can use up at least a dozen jars. Add to this some jars for green tomato chutney, apple and blackberry jam, apple butter, marmalade and a few new preserves that take your fancy this season and suddenly a bulk pack sounds like a very sensible idea indeed.

If we have not yet convinced you about how much sense it makes to buy in bulk and you are still not sure whether you will use enough jars to make it worthwhile, why not ask around amongst your friends and neighbours to see whether anyone wants to join you and make a combined purchase? In this way, you both make great savings on the regular prices and get the quantity of glass jars you are happy with.

What jam jars are available in bulk?

We have included quite a varied range of glass jars in our bargain pack selection and there really is something for every project. From our 500ml deluxe jars down to mini jars for individual servings, you will find just the jar you need. The range also includes honey jars, chutney jars and shaped jars, so we really do have everything covered!

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