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Meet the crew – jam jars anyone?

Well I’m so excited! Who’d of thought, when I started Wares of Knutsford in 1992, twenty years on we’d be launching our second generation website. Why, when I looked out on King Street that warm summer’s morning all those years ago the internet had barely been invented. Many jam jars and oil bottles have passed through our hands since then. We’ve made some wonderful friends and loyal customers along the way, so it’s with more than a little pride, that I want to welcome you all to our new website.

There’s been a few trials and tribulations along the way but I’ve had tremendous fun putting it all together. Our range has remained as extensive as ever, but is now presented in a more user friendly fashion. Our wonderful drop down menus across the top give you instant access to exactly what you’re looking for. What’s more by some enormous feat of technical wizardry, when you find the chutney or jam jars you are after with some clever mouse work you can see what they look like with all the available lid options. You can even zoom in to any section of the jam jars you wish to get a close up look at all their features. In addition to all those wonderful jam jars you will find an extensive range of kitchenware which is expanding all the time. There are, as ever, bargains galore to be had with our bulk packs of jam jars, not to mention “Sale Corner” where you can pick up all our best deals. Purchasing is made easy with our shopping cart and all major credit and debit cards are accepted, safely SSL secured by GeoTrust. No matter what size your order our mainland UK post and packing rate remains the same, £4.95.

It’s not all just jam jars you know

Now that’s all wonderful and I’m sure you’ll find buying your chutney and jam jars along with all the other goodies a much enriched experience over the old site. But I wanted to use the opportunity of putting a new site together to give my friends and customers more than just a place to buy jam jars, and this is where things get really exciting. About a year ago I was introduced to Jess. Jess is by his own admission a presevaholic. He has been making pickle and jams now for many years and knows a thing or two about the art. As luck would have it we hit it off straight away and so now he is our resident chef on the site. You’ll find a link to his blog which is packed full of recipes, hints, tips and funny stories of a jammy nature. He has also agreed to run our forum for us. So when you have a question on anything to do with making jams or preserves you can go straight to the forum, post a question and Jess will get right back to you. Of course feel free to use the forum along with our Facebook page to chat to other members of our community and don’t forget to follow us on twitter. And you know that’s the key, I want this new site to be a community. Now that might sound like wishful thinking but really I mean it. I’ve been around a long time now and there is more to life than just making a living. What I want to provide here is a space where, yes of course you can buy your jam jars and other kitchen goods, but more importantly, we can all come together and share our love for the art of preserving.

Love to you all, and welcome to our community!

Val x

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