Jam Jars – Not Just For Jam

Jam jars – not just for jam11

When it comes to jam jars, Wares of Knutsford probably stocks more sizes than any other retailer. A typical jar of jam, as seen on breakfast tables up and down the country, is normally somewhere between 350ml and 500ml; however, our range includes very small jars ranging in size from 150ml right down to a tiny 30ml. Our customers never cease to amaze us with the creative ways they find to use our jars and we thought we would share some of these ideas with you.

These tiny jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with screw on lids, clip top lids and Kilner-style lids with metal discs and screw bands.

Small jam jars for wedding favours

One of our most popular requests comes from brides-to-be looking for small jam jars to hold sweets or other treats to use as wedding favours. From traditional sugared almonds to more contemporary twists such as smarties, jelly babies or old-school boiled sweet favourites such as cola cubes and pear drops, brides-to-be come up with all sorts of ideas to add a little flourish to their wedding tables.

One charming idea we came across was a wedding couple who filled their small jars with wild flower seeds. Each jar had a label asking the guests to scatter the seeds somewhere special to them as a celebration of the wedding.

Other uses for small jam jars

If you are not planning to get hitched any time soon, there are still plenty of ways to put our small glass jars to good use. Anyone who has stayed in a guest house or hotel will be familiar with the mini pot of jam or marmalade. These can be fun to make at home and are perfect for when you have a small quantity of jam left over from a big batch that is not quite enough to fill a full-size jar. Why not give a selection of miniature jam jars as a gift, with each jar filled with a different flavour of delicious homemade jam?

Another great idea for these small glass jars is to use them to jazz up your herbs and spices. Buy fresh herbs and spices from local ethnic shops and store them in our 4oz spice jars for a smart look on the kitchen shelf.

Our small glass jars can all be teamed with mini labels specially designed to work perfectly on these jar sizes. Our jars might be small, but the range of things you can do with them certainly is not!

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