Decorating with Jars

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There’s a whole world of creativity in the simple glass jar. From the traditional warm glow that comes with giving delicious home-made jams, marmalades, preserves, chutneys and pickles as gifts, to low-impact eco-friendly decorations for your home or special event; they, along with decorative jam jar lids are one of the domestic goddess’s most useful tools.

Jars look beautiful already when filled with the rich colours of jams and chutneys, but adding a pretty label, jar cover and ribbon shows a bit of extra care and attention. A clear glass jar also makes a wonderful way to present home-made peppermint creams, yoghurts, sweets and lollipops or little sugar biscuits. A jar filled with treats and garnished with a name tag makes a great place card and take-home treat for weddings.

A label is a basic start. You can buy pre-designed labels from us or you can design your own on the internet and print them at home. The label should state what is in the jar and, if necessary, an ingredients list and use by date. If you’re giving as part of a special occasion you might also take the opportunity to write a personal message on the label. Stick on labels are easy and practical but luggage tag style labels attached with string can look modern.

Jam Jar Lids as the Finishing Touch

You can then add a more personal touch with patterned covers over the jam jar lids, tied with string or a pretty ribbon. You can further customise with glass paint, adding designs in the colours of your choice or wrap some ribbon, twine, paper or lace doilies around the middle of the jar. Attaching a little spoon with string is another funky touch, or carefully punched holes in jam jar lids make a cute stand for lollipops.

Decorating with Jars and Jam Jar Lids

Jars can also be decorations in themselves. Apart from simple tea-light lanterns, bottle-necked jars make beautiful vases for single bloom flowers. You can tie a loop of garden wire around the neck to make a handle or you can string a number of jars along a wire to make a garland.

Growing seeds and bulbs using glass jars as pots also makes an interesting decoration, the translucency of the glass lending an immediacy and closeness to the growing process.

Shaped glass jars also make original photo frames and display cases. Roll up a photo, slip it in the neck of the jar and let it open for an unusual way to show your pictures. Glass jars can also house collections of pretty trinkets – buttons, shells, stones, beads, beach glass or even jewellery can be kept safe while on display.

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