Jam Jars in Bulk

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Buy jam jars in bulk

Jam jars in bulk

 “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cook in possession of a good maslin pan must be in want of some more jam jars.” Jane Austen did not actually say this, of course, but we rather wish she had. It is very much the truth – once you have been bitten by the home preserves bug, you will be astonished at just how many jars you need. This is why buying jam jars in bulk is such a smart idea.

 Jam jars for the home preserves enthusiast

 From marmalade in January to rhubarb jam in spring and strawberry jam in summer, there is a home preserving project for all seasons – and this is before you have even considered chutneys, pickles, relishes, curds and jellies. Whether you like to make just a few jars of each preserve or create a huge annual batch of your family favourites, it is surprising just how many jars you need. If you have ever had to abandon a preserving project because you had no jars left, you will know first-hand just how frustrating this can be. With our bargain jam jar packs, buying jam jars in bulk is simple, straightforward, and offers huge savings. Take our 370ml jars as an example – a bulk pack of 192 of these jars, with your choice of coloured lids, is on offer on our website at the lowest price across the UK. This fantastic price works out at less than 33p per jar!

 If you are a keen amateur but 192 still seems like a few too many jars for you, why not club together with a friend or relative and split an order? In this way, you both get to take advantage of the great bulk prices without having to handle quite so many jars.

 Jam jars for artisan producers

 It is not just home preserves enthusiasts who can take advantage of our bargain packs. Buying jars in bulk offers such good savings that many artisan producers source their jars from us. From those selling at farmers’ markets and independent food stores to homemade hamper producers, small business owners need to control costs tightly at every stage of production. Our bargain packs, available in a wide range of sizes, give producers the opportunity to concentrate on their preserves without having to worry about jar costs, quality or delivery issues.

 We offer quite a range of bargain packs in addition to the bestseller 370ml jam jar pack. These include miniature jars, chutney jars, Bonne Maman-style jars, and many more. Check out the range today and start planning your preserving adventures!


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