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jam jars

Wares of Knutsford believes that it has kitchen storage sorted, mostly by using jars. Buy jars and line them up so that you can see the entire contents of your house – kitchen, bathroom, craft room, office, children’s bedrooms, man cave and anywhere else – at a glance. To this end we have separated all our jars into categories to help you work out what to use and where.

Jam jars

Wares of Knutsford believes you can buy jars for jam of every kind on our site. There are plain, competition standard jars and more deluxe versions in sizes ranging from miniatures to large 725ml options. There are also 192 jar bargain packs which offer excellent value for money.

Small and mini jars

Popular with business for giving out samples, hotels and guest houses for individual servings and with brides creating wedding favours, the small jars range again encompasses plain jars and decorative options such as heart shaped or hexagonal jars.

Shaped jars

Ideal for gift giving and adding a touch of luxury to home made produce, the decorative jam jars section contains models which are as pretty as they are practical.

Kilner, Mason and Leifheit jars

Well known names in the preserving world, these robust, high quality jars work for professional use or home cooks.

Clip top jars

More user friendly than screw tops, clip top jars work with both modern and traditional décor. The wide range includes miniatures, terrines, coloured glass, hexagonal and spice jars.

Faceted and hexagonal jars

Another decorative option for gift giving.

Drinking jam jars

A modern take on the hip flask, handled jars are a funky way to serve cocktails and iced drinks at outdoor events.

Spice jars

Available with grinder or shaker tops, organise your herbs and spices to suit your needs.

Aromatherapy and pharmacy jars

Make your home made cosmetics look professional with our smart jars in amber or clear glass.

Honey jars

Beekeepers recommend short, squat jars with wide necks and high quality lids.

Le Parfait jars

The famous French preserving brand includes various styles.

Pickle, chutney and pasta sauce jars

Using vinegar proof, heat sealable lids for long term preserving.

Terrines, verrines and dip jars

Sophisticated styles for pates and cream cheeses.

Plastic jars

A safer option to glass when children are around!

Sweet shop jars

Easy access, large volume storage for sweets and treats.

Storage jars

Covering volume storage for dried goods of all kinds. A serious kitchen essential.

Decorated jars and jam pots

Pretty jars for tabletop use or gift giving.

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