Jam Jar Packaging

jam jar packaging

So many times Wares of Knutsford clients have contacted us looking for packaging items, so we decided to respond in the most appropriate way we can think of, which is with a new packaging department. Here you can find packaging for jam jars, hamper trays, gift boxes, shredded paper filling, ribbons and other wrapping items. These are a great way of making your homemade produce look smart to give as a gift but can also help jam sellers to present their goods in an attractive and professional way.

Boxed jam jar packaging

Jars can be awkward to wrap and transport so we think our selection of jar gift boxes offers an excellent solution to jam jar packaging. Boxes are made of high quality fluted card for a sturdy finish and delivered in flat pack form which is easy to make up yourself. There is a range of shapes and sizes to cover jars of different proportions and all feature display windows and integrated carrying handles. Boxes are available in small, medium and tall sizes for two or three jars and in natural or olive green colour – simply add a tag or ribbon.

Jute bags for jars

The jute bags range of packaging for jam jars offers a softer option than boxes but is also available in a useful range of sizes. Extra small, small, medium and tall bags come in two and three jar variations with clear plastic display windows and an integrated carrying handle. The environmentally friendly bags are made of biodegradable natural hessian from India and are an inexpensive way of making simple jars of jam, honey, chutneys or any preserves look amazing.

Hamper tray jam jar packaging

If you want to create a more dramatic look, create gift hampers with our cardboard trays range. Available in natural, olive green or burgundy and in small, medium or large sizes, the trays can easily be filled with shredded paper or other packaging material to present jars and other products decoratively. You can choose from square or rectangular shaped trays or even a wooden crate effect version for a rustic style. Once you have filled the tray, use jute ribbon in co-ordinating colours to decorate and hold everything in place.

Packaging with shredded paper

Fine cut shredded paper works as a base in boxes and bags both to protect jars, help position them and simply to look pretty. At Wares of Knutsford you will find fine cut shred in tea green, vanilla, red and brown to co-ordinate with the rest of our packaging range.

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