Jam Jar Labels Galore

Wellies label on jarJam jar labels galore

 When it comes to home preserves, you can rustle up the most amazing flavours and create the most perfectly set jams and jellies; however, if your labelling is not up to scratch, the product will not look appealing and you will be reluctant to give your preserves away as gifts or place them on the breakfast table. You don’t need to resort to a plain white printer label, as we offer a huge range of decorative labels perfect for showing off your jams, jellies and marmalades.

 Unique jam jar labels

 We are delighted to offer labels featuring the gorgeous, colourful designs of mother and daughter watercolour artists Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff through their company Words of Art. These labels typically feature a vibrant fruit design around a central white panel, in which you can write the details of the preserve you are labelling. From rich, juicy blackberries to bright, sunshine-filled oranges, the range includes all sorts of fresh and appetising fruits. Raspberries, cherries, gooseberries, lemons and limes, plums and strawberries – all these are featured on these delightful labels, and more besides.

 If you are also a chutney maker, you are also in luck. The range includes vegetable designs that are suitable for labelling jars of chutney or piccalilli, and even pickled onions.

 If you would prefer a label design that is a little more contemporary, we have plenty from which to choose, with labels featuring gingham checks, spots, pinstripe borders, and even funky union jack designs.

 One of our quirkier labels for jam jars features a colourful royal crown in the bottom right corner. If you consider yourself to be the queen (or king!) of home preserving, what better way to label your creations?

 We don’t just offer labels for jam – our range also includes labels suitable for honey, curds, oils, and all manner of pickles.

 Could you design jam jar labels?

 Our jam jar labels are so popular that we would like to extend our range and have decided to hunt out some inspiring artists and designers to help us to come up with our own unique Wares of Knutsford range of labels. We are really excited about this project and can’t wait to see what designs our artists come up with. If you think you could design some amazing labels for us, please get in touch to discuss this further. You never know, you may well find yourself labelling your own homemade jams with labels featuring your very own artwork – that really would be something to be proud of!


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