Craft Ideas for Large Jam Jars

Craft Ideas for Large Jam Jars

Custom and eco candle holders with jars and paper labels printed for a Christmas dinner

For some reason, people who enjoy home preserves or spending time in the kitchen rustling up delicious dinners or home-baked cakes also seem to enjoy craft activities. With craft allowing us to express our creativity, it is another way of relaxing and doing something enjoyable – with a tangible item at the end to feel satisfied with. As luck would have it for the home preserves enthusiast, glass jars make a great base for lots of craft projects and today we take a look at some inspiring ideas for jam jar projects to tackle at home.

Large jam jars make great craft projects

Whilst there is undoubtedly a craft project perfect for every conceivable size of jar, we are concentrating today on larger jars. One of our favourite ideas for glass jars is candle holders. Whether you want to create a candle holder for a single tealight or a much larger pillar candle, a glass jar will work brilliantly. In its simplest form, all you need to do is pop the candle in the jar and position it somewhere safe, then light the candle and enjoy the atmosphere it creates. If you want a little more creativity in the project, try painting a design on the outside of the jar. Abstract swirls work well; alternatively, if you have a talent for painting, why not paint a silhouette scene of a forest glade, with a deer passing through the trees and the moon shining down from above? With Christmas just around the corner, some candle holder jars like these could make excellent gifts.

More craft ideas for large jam jars

Another fun idea for Christmas is to make seasonal ornaments with larger jars. Collect some fir cones and pine sprigs and glue them in position on the inside of the jar lid, then break up some polystyrene foam into individual beads to use as snow. Place the foam beads in the jar and carefully screw on the lid, taking care not to knock the items you have glued in place. Stand the jar upside down and you have your very own snow scene.

If you enjoy having plants and flowers in your home, you might like the idea of growing hyacinths in glass jars. Take a glass jar and add some sand or grit at the bottom, followed by a little soil. Position the hyacinth bulb on top, gently pressing it down to secure it in place. Its roots will push down into the soil, giving a fascinating insight through the glass into what goes on beneath the surface when a plant grows.

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