Jam jar craft ideas

Jam jar craft ideas

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January can be such a tricky month. After the expense of Christmas, the next payday can seem such a very long way off; in addition, with the weather distinctly chilly and the evenings still dark so early, it can be difficult to know how to fill these evenings – especially if you have children. Fear not, as in today’s blog post we have come up with some budget-busting ideas for how to transform some old jam jars with fun and inspiring craft projects.

Turn a jam jar into a fairy house

Our first idea, which children will absolutely love, is to transform a humble jam jar into a tiny fairy house. For this project you will need polymer clay, such as Fimo, in several colours, which many children already have; if not, you can source this from craft stores or toy shops. Of course, you will also need an old jam jar. First, roll out a flat panel of polymer clay and shape it around the jam jar, cutting out a panel for the door and two small windows. In brown clay, cut out a shape for the door, with a tiny heart-shaped window, and fix this into the gap you left for the door. You can score lines in the door to give it a wooden effect, and stick on a tiny button as a doorknob. Decorate the sides of the fairy house with Fimo, shaping it into trees, flowers, or anything else you wish.

Next, take the lid and build up a roof for the fairy house, again using polymer clay. If you make the roof pointed, you will be able to lift the roof easily to pop in a tealight. Again, decorate the roof using Fimo and scoring the clay in whatever design you wish. Shaping and colouring the roof to look like a toadstool can be a fun idea. When you have decorated the jar and added any finishing touches, leave the clay to harden in accordance with the instructions on the pack. Once it is fully set, pop in a tealight for a cute and whimsical effect. For safety reasons, never leave a tealight unattended or in a child’s bedroom.

Turn a jam jar into a pincushion

If your children love sewing, why not help them to create their very own pincushion and sewing store? Fill the jam jar with needles, thread, buttons and other bits, then glue a piece of foam onto the top of the lid and cover it with pretty fabric for an instant pincushion.

Who knew jam jars could be such fun!

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