Jam Jar Covers

jam jar covers

Seasoned jam makers know that their jars need to be dressed in style. The dedication that goes into making your own jams, marmalades and other preserves can be a bit lost if they are presented in basic, unadorned jars. Pretty them up a bit with decorative covers, ribbons and attractive labels to elevate the gift of some homemade jam from something rather dull to something thoughtful and delicious.

Fortunately Wares of Knutsford has all you need to make your preserving efforts look pretty and professional. Apart from a huge range of jars and all the associated jam making equipment, there is also a wide selection of covers for jam jars, spare lids, ribbons and labels.

Fabric and paper jam jar covers

Wares of Knutsford stocks a colourful range of jam jar covers in fabric or paper. The patterns on the fabric covers range from traditional floral or fruity illustrations or gingham check to more modern designs with jazzy spotty and geometric graphics. The packs of eight include two copies each of four designs and come with bands to secure the covers and co-ordinating ribbons. The covers fit jars of 454ml and 907ml.

The paper covers for jam jars pack contains 30 covers in assorted designs and again fit 454ml and 907ml jars. Bands to secure the covers are included.

Jam jar covers kits

Wares of Knutsford also sells handy kits containing co-ordinated jar decorating accessories. There are 24 covers in four different designs with matching, self-adhesive labels, waxed discs and plastic circles and rubber bands for securing the covers. The kits are suitable for 454ml size jars.

There is a country themed kit with fruity and gingham patterns or a more modern, graphic printed set with bright, colourful fruit and vegetable designs. Another kit features the paper lids with waxed and plastic discs and rubber securing bands.

Other jam jar covers accessories

You can take your jar personalisation even further with our assorted jute ribbon selection or our glass labelling pens. The set of two includes one each of gold and silver and can be used on glass but also on metal, plastic and ceramic.

Packs of waxed discs can be bought separately and there are also packs of heat sealing, transparent covers with rubber bands, waxed discs and plain labels for both 454ml and 907ml size jars.

Wares of Knutsford operates a policy of a fixed delivery price no matter how much you order, so don’t forget to slip in a few covers and other accessories when you make your jar order.

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