Jam jar bulk packs

Jam jar bulk packs 

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Whether it is down to the surge in interest in home cooking generally or a hankering for a simpler way of life and a return to traditional crafts and activities, more and more people are giving home preserving a try. Whilst some people rustle up a motley assortment of used jam jars for their first attempts, it becomes clear once the home preserving bug bites that you need a reliable supply of brand new jars and lids to make the most of your jams, pickles and preserves. In today’s post, we take a look at our range of bulk packs and explain why buying your jars in larger quantities is such a great idea.

Why buying jam jar bulk packs is a smart move

Whilst it is perfectly possible to adjust recipe quantities to make very small amounts of a particular jam or chutney, it often makes much more sense to stick to the quantities suggested. If you have a productive vegetable garden, or plenty of fruit trees and bushes, you are likely to experience gluts of one crop or another from time to time. Using all this produce in a big batch avoids waste and sets you up for months afterwards.

By making plenty of everything, you will always have lots of jars of something tasty to hand should you need to give something as a gift. If you plan ahead and make large batches of different types of pickles and preserves, by Christmas you could have all your presents sorted and be able to give unique and thoughtful handmade gifts to all your friends and family. It goes without saying that if you intend to give your preserves as gifts, they need to be presented professionally. A bulk pack of jam jars or a mini jars bulk pack is the perfect way to achieve this.

Our range of jam jar bulk packs

We have been offering an extensive range of our most popular jars in bargain packs for quite some time; in addition, we have recently added some new bulk packs with the option to buy in packs of 100, 200 or 300 jars. Some of the new packs are for miniature jars, which are useful for making individual portions for the breakfast table or taster jars to sell or give as gifts. As with the larger jars, bulk-buying these mini jars makes a lot of sense. From standard shapes to hexagonal jars and cute jars with an embossed fruit design, our mini jars bulk packs are certain to become bestsellers.

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