Jam Jar Beer Mugs

jam jar mugs

Wares of Knutsford is very proud of the variety of jars and bottles in our range, but even by our standards the jam jar mugs are super funky. There are four options in the range, in a choice of pack sizes and priced from £10.50.

The jam jar mugs range

Three drinking jars by Mason make up the main part of the selection. Each holds 450ml and comes in heavy gauge glass. You can buy these without a lid or with a choice of red and white gingham or two part gold lids. The lids don’t come with a hole for straws but the gold lidded version has a removable centre disc for this purpose. The jars can’t be used for preserving or hot drinks but are ideal for occasions where you want to prepare your drinks in advance at outdoor parties or other summer events. They are a great way to present cocktails at a casual event and are a modern way to serve a rather traditional punch, brimming with ice cubes and chunks of fresh fruit. Simply pre-fill and have them ready to hand to guests upon arrival.

The fourth member of the range is a 500ml Kilner jar with a handle and an embossed logo. This slightly larger jar fits in with your other Kilner storage jars on the shelf and is a chunkier option ideal for beer or cider.

Jam jar mugs for beer

Beer, whether served in cans or the classic pint mug, suffers from a rather undeserved downmarket reputation. However there is a modern trend for more exclusive and sophisticated craft brews, made using ingredients such as champagne yeast, for example. If you can track them down, try some Chapel Down’s Curious Brew, Sharp’s Connoisseurs Choice Quadrupel, Oldershaw’s Posh Blonde or you could try brewing your own!

To showcase the quality of these brews and get away from the horrible ‘lager lout’ image, try serving them in one of our jam jar mugs. Let’s face it, beer served in a cocktail glass is just wrong, even at the smartest event, but sometimes on a hot day nothing quite hits the spot like an ice cold lager.

Remember when ordering from Wares of Knutford that our delivery charge is the same no matter how much you order, and our pack sizes work on an ‘economies of scale’ basis, so the more you order the cheaper they get!

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