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Whether you are using our jam jars for jams, pickles and preserves, or you plan to include them in a craft or decorative project, the exact shape and size of the jar you choose can be every bit as important as what you ultimately put in it. In today’s post, we’re showcasing one particular shape of jar that is extremely popular with our customers – the globe jam jar.

What Are Globe Jam Jars?

These jars have a very distinctive shape, looking rather like a globe, or perhaps an onion if you prefer, with a flat bottom. They are available in a choice of three sizes, and customers can choose from any of our seven standard lid colours: gold, silver, black, white, green, blue gingham check or red gingham check. The sizes start at 106ml and go up to 314ml. Additionally, there is also a mini globe clip-top jar available, with a size of 120ml.

Whilst it’s perfectly possible to put absolutely any type of jam or preserve in these jars, they do particularly suit certain things. Because of their smaller size and unique design, they work well for more unusual jams and pickles, and for those preserves where you don’t want to use large jars. For instance, since homemade lemon curd contains fresh eggs, it doesn’t keep for long, so it makes sense to use smaller sized jars, and the 212ml globe jam jar is perfect for this type of thing. Other preserves that might work well in a globe jam jar include chilli jam, hedgerow jelly, gooseberry and elderflower preserve and rosehip jelly.

The clip-top globe jam jar is very popular with couples who are planning their weddings. They use these stylish little jars to hold their wedding favours, as they make appealing containers on wedding tables and pretty mementos of the big day. Wedding favours might include homemade bonbons, fudge, marshmallows or jelly beans, for example.

Help – I need a lot of these jam jars!

If these mini clip-top globe jars are just what you’ve been looking for and you want to buy a large quantity of them, then you’re in luck, as we offer these jam jars in bulk. Our bargain pack contains 192 of the cute little jars, complete with seals. If you’ve decided to use these to hold your wedding favours, for example, then buying these jam jars in bulk will bring significant savings. You’ll find this bulk deal in the bargain packs section of our online store, along with many other bulk buy offers.

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