Inspiring Ideas for Pie Dishes

Ideas for Pie Dishes

 This winter has been nowhere near as miserable as last year; however, on wet and windy days and with the nights still dark before we arrive home from work, we all need some seriously warming comfort food from time to time. Pies are the quintessential wintertime treat – filling and hearty, simple and delicious. As 23 January is National Pie Day, we thought we would take a look at some mouth-watering pie recipes and showcase a few of our classic pie dishes in which to serve these tasty delights.

 Delicious ideas to fill those pie dishes

 Some pies are obvious choices for hearty winter-warmer suppers, such as beef and ale pie or traditional shepherd’s pie. If you want to do something a little more unusual, why not buy some diced game from your local butcher and make a rich, indulgent hot game pie filled with pheasant and venison alongside winter vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and swede?

 If you are looking for a pie that is a little lighter, a chicken and mushroom pie usually goes down well, as does a chicken, ham and leek pie. Vegetarians will love a broccoli, spinach and cream cheese pie topped with mashed potato, or perhaps a leek and potato pie with added feta cheese and a crusty pie topping.

 No post about pies would be complete without at least a mention of sweet pies. If you have a hankering for an appetising dessert pie, look no further! The good old-fashioned apple pie is the nation’s favourite, of course, but sometimes we all fancy cooking something a little different. Try rhubarb and custard pie for a sweet treat that will have everyone queuing up for more. Mix rhubarb and a smooth egg custard together and pour into a pastry base, then cover with a pastry top for a pie like no other.

 Enamel or ceramic pie dishes?


Home-made shepherds pie in traditional enamel dish.

Home-made shepherds pie in traditional enamel dish.

We stock a wide range of pie dishes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The two main brands are Falcon, which produces those iconic white enamel dishes with a blue rim, and Mason Cash, maker of the traditional brown pie dish. It is really up to you as to whether you choose to use an enamel or ceramic pie dish; however, if you are thinking of making a pie to heat up later in the microwave, an enamel pie dish would not be suitable and a Mason Cash dish would be the right choice.


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