How to Make Cider

how to make cider

Change things up a bit this winter with some homemade cider – a modern alternative to brewing your own wine or liqueurs and great for mulled cider over Christmas! You’ll find plenty of “how to make cider” recipes online but the easiest way to do it is with a Kilner Complete Cider Set, which contains all the equipment and ingredients you need – just add water!

How to make cider with the Kilner Complete Cider Set

The first step is to clean and sterilise all your equipment to rid it of any nasty bacteria which could ruin your home brewed cider recipes. To begin brewing your cider, add five litres of hot water – not boiling – to your fermentation bucket with the concentrate provided. Top up with hot and cold water to make a final mixture of 20 litres at a temperature of 20-25C, using the Kilner stirring spoon to make sure the ingredients are well combined.

You can then stir in sachet one, the cider yeast sweetener and you’re ready to measure the starting gravity of your cider – a hydrometer and trial jar are provided. Next the mixture is left to ferment in a safe place at a temperature of 18-24C. Try not to open the lid of your fermentation bucket during this period, which should last at least eight days. When the hydrometer records a reading of 1,000 or lower and has been stable for a couple of days, siphon off the mixture to a fresh fermentation bucket to separate the cider from the sediment in the first bucket. You are now ready to bottle your cider, adding sugar to build gas as directed. This secondary fermentation process takes about a week, after which you should move your cider and store it in a cool spot. After about another week, the cider should be completely clear and will be ready to drink!

How to make cider – the equipment list

The Kilner Complete Cider Set contains all you need, including the ingredients for 35 pints of cider. Also in the box are 100g of steriliser, a trial jar, a hydrometer, a thermometer, a bottle brush and mixing spoon, a siphon, a 25 litre fermentation bucket and 50 crown caps with a knock on bottle capper. You can choose some bottles for your cider at Wares of Knutsford or re-use old bottles – just make sure you clean and sterilise them very thoroughly!

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