How to Make Bitter Gift Set

how to make bitter

Whether you’re buying for a complete beginner or someone who has experimented with home brewing before, a bitter making kit from Wares of Knutsford is sure to keep drinkers happy.

Kilner how to make bitter kit

There are two Kilner bitter making kits. The Complete Bitter Set contains everything you need to make a quality brew at home, including fermentation bucket, thermometer, siphon, hydrometer and ingredients. Alternatively there’s a Make Your Own Bitter kit with all the ingredients only, ideal for those who already have the equipment. The 40 pint pack gives the quality of flavour and texture of premium commercial brews thanks to the best quality yeast and malt blends. The result is a unique tasting bitter and probably a new passion for home brewing!

The process of how to make bitter

The Kilner bitter making kit comes with fully illustrated instructions on how to proceed. The first step is the cleaning and sterilisation of all equipment. Next the bag of liquid malt needs to soften in hot water for 15 minutes before being emptied into the fermentation bucket. Stir in three litres of hot water to dissolve the malt completely, then top the bucket up to 23 litres with warm water to reach a final temperature of between 20-25C. Use the stirring spoon provided to make sure the mixture is mixed up well then add the brewer’s yeast and mix well again.

You will need to use the hydrometer and a trial jar to record the brew’s starting gravity before placing the lid onto the fermentation bucket. This is carefully designed to allow the release of gases during the fermentation process so that the bucket doesn’t explode, so make sure the lid does not snap shut. You then simply leave your bucket to ferment in a safe place.

Alternatives to bitter

If you think you know someone who would enjoy home brewing but maybe not bitter, Wares of Knutsford has some other interesting options. Also by Kilner there are complete kits available for making your own lager, cider, plus Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

If the recipient of your gift really gets the home brewing bug, make sure they know that spare parts and a wide range of other accessories including bottles and caps are available from Wares of Knutsford! The website has a comprehensive home brewing department full of such essential kit as air locks and bungs, bottle brushes, sterilising equipment, demijohns, swing tops, caps and cappers.

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