How to Grow Fruit in the UK

how to grow fruit

The UK may not have the warmest weather in the world but it is still possible to grown delicious fruits in your garden. If you have a greenhouse then you may be able to sustain some quite exotic varieties but there are plenty of others that will also grow equally well outside. Growing and harvesting your own crops is a lovely way to enjoy some healthy sweet treats.

How to grow fruit – soft fruits

Berries such as raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and soft fruits like blackcurrants, red and white currants can all be grown at home. Many are suitable for planting in containers so you can enjoy these crops without requiring much space. Strawberries are extremely easy to grow, either in specially shaped plastic or ceramic planters, or in hanging baskets. Larger bushes such as raspberries grow on canes which can be planted out in the garden. You can purchase these from your garden centre and they will quickly spread to give you a bountiful crop. Soak the roots well whilst you dig a good-sized hole, adding plenty of enriched compost to improve the quality of the soil. Plant the fruit canes, supporting them as they grow if necessary. After flowering, small berries will appear. These may need covering with netting or even a fruit cage to prevent birds from eating the fruit. After your harvest, cut back the canes ready for the following year.

How to grow fruit – larger varieties

If you have the space, trees such as apples, plum and pears are all good candidates for growing fruit in the UK. Some can be grown in large tubs if they are varieties that have been grafted onto dwarf rootstock, but most are best planted directly into the soil. Ensure you leave enough space between trees and prepare the ground with lots of organic matter. Your young trees will need to be tied to strong stakes for the first two years until they are sturdy enough to support themselves. Apples and pears are very hardy and will grow well in the UK. Cherries and plums should also flourish in most gardens. Trees such as apricots, figs and peaches can also be extremely productive if they are planted in a sunny spot with plenty of shelter from the wind. You could even try your hand at growing your own grapes, supporting vines on a trellis.

Growing fruit in the UK is easier than you might expect. There are plenty of delicious varieties to choose from and once you have the know how to grow fruit they will provide you and your family with lots of tasty home-grown produce.

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